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5 Things To Look For When Finding A Logo Designer

Your company logo is often the first interaction a potential customer or client has with your business. As such, making a good first impression at this point is paramount. A good logo design will help make your business a success while a bad design could actually do the opposite: impede success. This is what makes hiring a good logo designer crucial.
With thousands of logo designers all promising “the perfect” logo for your company, choosing one that will suit your needs can be a daunting task. The job of separating the grain from the chaff can leave you exhausted and frustrated.

Because we understand how difficult the process can be – especially for people unfamiliar with graphic design and the logo design industry – we have put together a list of the five most important things to look for when hiring a logo designer to ease your burden.

  1. Experience. This is not to say that less experienced designers are bad, but the more experience a logo designer has in the field, the better. An experienced designer will better understand how to work under budgets and will be more capable of bringing out your company’s personality in a logo that will communicate your brand message in a fraction of a second. Inexperienced designers tend to work slower and require more direction and handholding.
  2. Portfolio. Take a look at the designer’s portfolio to understand how they work. You might find a designer whose style matches the personality of your business which would make everything much easier. Check to see if they have done work for businesses that are similar to yours and how their strengths align with both your immediate and long-term needs. And because logo designers are usually involved in other areas of graphic design, identify from their portfolio whether logo design is something they have specialised in.
  3. Billing rates. A cheap designer might have some appeal, but you need to remember that ultimately, you get what you pay for. Take some time to research what logo design services cost in your area and create a realistic budget for the project. Remember, logo design isn’t an expense; it is an investment. Instead of looking for a cheap designer, look for one that gives you the best value for your money.
  4. Communication skills. Coming up with a good company logo for your business requires developing a partnership with the designer. To develop this partnership, a lot of back and forth communication is necessary. A good logo designer should be good at listening and passing their message in a clear and concise way. Hiring locally will helpwith this as face-to-face meetings can be arranged.
  5. A good fit. Lastly, you need to ask yourself if the designer is a good fit for you and not just from the design point of view but also personality wise. If you ‘gel’ with a designer, the whole process will become much easier as they can predict even without communication what you would like or dislike.


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