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WordPress Web Design Solutions

Do you have a website that needs constant updating, adding of images and blog posts to keep your users informed? Well we have the solution for you with our CMS Web Design we give you the opportunity to update your website easily and add photos and content to your blog without the need for a web designer. This is an ideal solution for those businesses who have a dynamic product or service and want to constantly be adding new projects they have completed and other information and news regarding their business.

Still not convinced?

Well we will supply you with guide’s custom made by our team to suit your needs and the updates you wish to make. That way you can always refer back to the guide to refresh your memory on how to update the content on your website. Why do we do these guides? It’s common for web design companies to offer website maintenance at a monthly cost and in some cases it is necessary for a business that constantly needs new content and updates, but not in all cases and we want to allow our customers the opportunity to avoid spending money where they do not need to.

What if I need help in the future?

Do not worry, we are not going anywhere, we are happy to help our customers and can perform website updates at an agreed hourly rate to ensure that if there’s anything too complicated you can always rely on us to help you out. We will offer the most competitive hourly rates and ensure the job gets done on time, every time!

So give us a call today and find out just how easily you can have a website setup that you manage and add new images and content to whenever you need, without requiring a web developer to assist you in every aspect of your website. The team at Xpert Zone wants to give your business every chance to succeed!

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