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  • Corporate Branding – 5 Steps to Success

    A brand is more than a logo, an advertising campaign or a tagline. If built correctly, a corporate brand can give you a competitive edge against your competitors and become your greatest differentiator. It represents both an emotional and rational connection to your stakeholders and the customers that ultimately decide to engage with you and purchase your products. [...]
  • What is a Responsive Website? Why is it important?

    A responsive website is a website that is designed with elements that respond different when viewed on different types of devices such as your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Prior to responsive web design companies were having to have a separate website built that was optimized for mobile devices. Responsive web design has brought about a change in the way this works, as it means that you can build your website to respond to all different screen resolutions... [...]
  • Brand Development – 3 Steps To Get You Started

    As the marketplace continuous to become overcrowded with companies offering similar products, the chances of your business going unnoticed also increase. A good brand helps elevate your business by creating a differentiation that gives customers a reason to choose you over competitors. [...]
  • 5 Things To Look For When Finding A Logo Designer

    Your company logo is often the first interaction a potential customer or client has with your business. As such, making a good first impression at this point is paramount. A good logo design will help make your business a success.... [...]
  • Why A Good Web Design is Important?

    Having a great web design is important not only to give your customers an outlet to view more information about your business, but when done correctly also serves as a purpose to inform your potential and existing customers about your products and services, as well as what your business is about. [...]
  • How Can You Use Snapchat for Your Business