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How Can You Use Snapchat for Your Business

How can you use Snapchat for Business

As of recent Snapchat is becoming the fastest growing social media network having grown to have over 100 million daily active users. So it is rather important that I explain to you why Snapchat may be the game changer for your business and how the effective utilization of Snapchat can greatly benefit your business and bring you more customers.

Firstly I will breakdown the basics of Snapchat and how exactly it functions for those unaware of the functionality of snapchat. In order to use Snapchat you must download it from the App Store or the Google Play Store. It is at the publishing of this article currently not accessible on other devices that are not running iOS or Android.

Add Friends/Followers

Firstly you must add some friends or followers. To do this you will create an account and choose a unique username and password.

Tip: Make sure to make your username relative to your business as all users that you add will be able to see your username!

How to add your friends:

(This is where you can view who added you, add your friends and view your current Snapchat contacts).

Once you have added your friends then it is time to start brainstorming some content relative to your business to engage your followers.

Creating Content for Snapchat

When creating content for your snapchat it is important that you focus on engagement. The effectiveness of Snapchat for business is the fact that users can only view the content for a maximum of 10 seconds. This means that more often than not you will have your user’s complete undivided attention for this period of time so it is important that you do not waste their time with dull and boring content.

You can also even choose which users specifically you send the Snapchat too, or you have the option of putting it on your ‘story’ for 24 hours.

Contact list:

Some ideas

  • If you are a clothing business (Snapchat videos/pictures of your clothing being worn)
  • If you are a gardening business (Snapchat videos/pictures of you completing a large garden design that looks beautiful and will blow your followers minds!)

As hopefully I’m sure you may see from the trend make sure that the content is relevant to your business industry and has the ability to engage followers. Due to the ability to have your users attention through Snapchat you also have the ability to quickly demise your own reputation with dull content. So take advantage of their attention and engage them with material that will blow their mind and spread the word.

You may also broadcast your own Story on Snapchat. This is an effective feature as it allows everyone in your snapchat to view the story as many times as they would like within the 24 hour period in which it is broadcasted. This is useful for less engaging material that you do not wish to send directly as a notification to your users (possibly an online sale 20% off), but if your users scroll through their recent updates list they have the option of viewing your story.

Recent Updates & Stories page:

(This is where you can view your contacts and their stories, the most recent updates appear towards the top)

Be Different, Stand out

Make sure that you make your business stand out! Do not be like the rest of the crowd offer your users engagement ask them for their feedback in your Snapchat. Send them humorous Snapchat’s everyone can always do with a brightening of their day (obviously keep them appropriate).

One of the greatest Snapchat businesses I have ever seen was a guy that worked alone doing Snake catching in Australia. He would have his customer’s film him relocating some of the snakes he fetched out of people’s homes as well as the size of them. I have never seen so many people hyped about a social media account that it was actually the talk of the town.

This is important make sure that you find the humor in your business, the engagement if your business is a car factory show your users what a car being put together looks like or the different steps of assembling!

The reason for Snapchat being so effective is the attention that you receive from the user, when viewing your Snapchat that is why unique and exciting content is the key, if you follow these steps you can look forward to watching your business grow as more people begin to follow your Snapchat, increasing the audience of which your business is reaching!

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