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Why A Good Web Design is Important?

Easy access to information

Having a great web design is important not only to give your customers an outlet to view more information about your business, but when done correctly also serves as a purpose to inform your potential and existing customers about your products and services.

Try a simple test yourself, search on Google for something you might be interested in, click the top 3 results and see if these websites have been designed to be easily navigated to reach the information you want with simplicity. This is of key importance for a great web design, websites can often become clattered with images and a lot of graphics that can make your web page load speed slower, and this can have a negative impact on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). ‘


Having your business information online can also minimize the need to communicate with customers over various business details such as your location, phone number, e-mail address etc. If your website has a blog you can also post regular updates in relation to your business and special offers to allow your customers greater access to your business products and services.


Reflect the professionalism of your business

In the modern world company’s digital presence is becoming ever so important. Having a good web design is important to a company’s reflection of their own profession. You think about it, if you were given a business card with a company’s website and you got home, jumped on your PC and loaded their website to find it was very unorganized and lacking in information, you are more than likely to lose trust for the product or service this company offers, as they do not present their business online in a professional manner. This is a key reason as to why having a clean, aesthetic, fast-loading website can directly impact on the success of your business.

Web Design-SEO Correlation

One of the most frequent incidents I come across in the web development world is client’s that spend a large amount of money having a website designed only to find that once they have the website they are receiving no visitors or sales. Individuals and companies unfamiliar with the digital world can at often times believe that a great web design is directly related to an increase in traffic and visitors to the website, this is not exactly the case though. Whilst a great web design, when done in accordance to SEO benefits, will increase your ranking ability through search engines such as Google, Bing, Ask! Etc. It is the SEO aspect of websites that directly relates to an increase in traffic and bringing visitors to your website.


Think of it this way, you can have a beautiful, immaculate car for sale at one third of the retail price, but if it’s sitting in the middle of the desert with a For Sale sign nobody will see it, so even though it’s the best offer anyone could ever come across, it will not sell as no one even knows where to look for it. To combat this, if you were selling your car you would typically create ads maybe in the local newspaper, maybe online on a car sales website, you are putting your car out there for potential buyers to see. This is fundamentally the same concept with your web design and SEO, a website can have the greatest design in the world, but until you optimize your website and begin to create a strategic SEO plan than you are unlikely to experience any further increases in website traffic or sales.


So this is important to take on board when considering having a website designed, we always emphasize that it is important that you work with a web development company that can build a website to be SEO friendly, and as an individual make sure you understand the difference between having a great web design and a strategic SEO plan to attract visitors to your website.

Showcase your services

One of the most important aspects of having a website is it allows you to showcase your business projects, this is a great way to build the trust of potential customers by showcasing them your previous projects so they can get an understanding of the quality of product or service they can expect from your business.

A testimonials page is also key to allow your customers to hear of previous customers experiences through your business and whether or not they were pleasant. Having testimonials from previous customers is a great way to reflect the level of professionalism your business operates at and also to further build the trust of your product/service with potential customers.

So what to take from this article?

In short it is easy to understand that having a good web design is important for the professionalism of your business. This article though, also aims to highlight various other factors and reasons as to the benefits of having a good web design and just why exactly it puts your business a step ahead of competitors. If you want your customers to see your business at a professional standard than it is important that your digital online presence can reflect this, with the ever increasing transition towards online resources make sure business is keeping up with the times!

Please feel free to leave any comments below with your thoughts and feedback!


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